gconf brain death (was Re: [linux-elitists] Yet another mozilla atrocity)

Dragan Stancevic visitor@xalien.org
Fri Oct 3 04:18:17 PDT 2003

On Tuesday 30 September 2003 18:10, Tim Potter wrote:
> Maybe no-one can be bothered to write alternative tools?  There is
> certainly enough information in MSDN for anyone to write their own
> registry editor.  Perhaps REGEDIT and REGEDT32 work just well enough
> to discourage this.

They work well enough?

Any application that takes longer to search for one hit in a local file- than 
google takes to find 10000 hits on the internet is braindead.

Peace can only come as a natural consequence
of universal enlightenment. -Dr. Nikola Tesla

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