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Mister Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Sun Nov 30 12:12:40 PST 2003

>>>>> "MP" == Martin Pool <mbp@sourcefrog.net> writes:

    MP> I think it's a bit like asking whether democracy is capitalist
    MP> or socialist.  You can make arguments for either, and if you
    MP> grew up in a socialish democracy it probably seems impossible
    MP> to have a proper democracy when there are vast disparities of
    MP> income.  On the other hand if you grew up in a more
    MP> economically liberal country it might seem anti-democratic to
    MP> redistribute income.

    MP> So I'm more interested in people agreeing that democracy and
    MP> freedom to read are important, whatever their other beliefs.

Well, to take another tack, you could question whether Free Software
is Spanish or French or German. It's not specifically any of these,
yet there are groups that concentrate on each language aspect, on
getting news to language speakers, and on issues in different countries.

The point being that it's not necesarily detrimental to Free Software
in general to concentrate on certain aspects or perspectives.

~Mr. Bad

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