[linux-elitists] Socialist Software Organization

Martin Pool mbp@sourcefrog.net
Sun Nov 30 00:21:16 PST 2003

On 29 Nov 2003, Jeff Waugh <jdub@perkypants.org> wrote:

> > I guess I was just wondering if, in countries where "socialism" does not
> > automatically equate to "Satanism", people could bring up the similarities
> > between Marxist theory and Free Software theory without getting shouted
> > down.
> It's discussed freely in .au, particularly among similar groups as Joakim
> mentioned (IndyMedia, etc). I don't think we have a copyleft.no in our midst
> though, which is unfortunate. I do know there are a number of consultants
> that specialise in NGO use of Free Software, and have a very left bent.
> I have always been attracted to Free Software from a leftist point of view.
> There are plenty of people in Europe, Australia, the UK (being not-Europe)
> and South America who see Free Software primarily on those terms. 

I think it's a bit like asking whether democracy is capitalist or
socialist.  You can make arguments for either, and if you grew up in a
socialish democracy it probably seems impossible to have a proper
democracy when there are vast disparities of income.  On the other
hand if you grew up in a more economically liberal country it might
seem anti-democratic to redistribute income.

So I'm more interested in people agreeing that democracy and freedom
to read are important, whatever their other beliefs.

> It makes sense within the context of our socialist democracy.

Have you been out of Australia for the last seven years?

(While checking that number, I found a quote from Alfred Deakin on
forming the Liberal Party in 1908: "Liberal always, radical often and
reactionary never."  How things change.)


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