[linux-elitists] Socialist Software Organization

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Fri Nov 28 20:28:02 PST 2003

begin  Jeff But don't get all fretty-pants on us. Weff  quotation:
> In REVOLUTION OS, ESR almost froths at the mouth when asked if Open
> Source has anything to do with socialism/communism. There's a slight
> pause and then a dumbfounded, "NO!!!" When we showed this at
> linux.conf.au and SLUG last year, the audience almost wet themselves
> laughing. He is so insistent that FOSS could not possibly represent
> the views of the middle/hard left, when a huge number of us just
> take it for granted. It makes sense within the context of our
> socialist democracy. I think a lot of people are quite happy to see
> it as Free Software correcting the market towards the left. :-)

	If you watch closely, you can see all the relevance drain out
of him as he speaks.

"Forget the damned motor car and build cities for lovers and friends."
	-- Lewis Mumford


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