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On Wednesday 19 November 2003 18:19, Dr. Robert J. Harley wrote:
> Anyone planning on going to Red Hat's funeral?

They are starting to remind me of my experiences at Digital.   I was not
impressed by the management presentations at the Desktop Linux conference.
Unfortunately I missed the presentations by Havoc Pennington and their 
other tech people.

Oh, I give them another five years on their own.    When they are really on 
the ropes, IBM or some other big iron vendor will take a significant stake
and revive them.     I say this assuming that Novell keeps going in the 
direction they are going and IBM may therefore need to move against Novell 
Linux hegemony in order to keep their software margins down.

Today's Slashdot has a link to articles talking about Red Hat's astonishing 
90%?) renewal rate on those contracts.    Locally, I know that 
FlightLookup.com is feeling really pinched and intending to move off Red 
Hat, especially now that Red Hat is dropping support for the version that 
they have widely deployed.   Debian is the leading candidate for them.


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