[linux-elitists] Linux: 2.6.0-test10, The 'Stoned Beaver' Release

Modus Operandi modus@as220.org
Tue Nov 25 16:08:08 PST 2003

>From http://kerneltrap.org/node/view/1667#4937


[ Btw, I tried to come up with a good name for this release. But the fact 
  is, that as Scott Adams has so often pointed out, you can't do much 
  better than "weasel" when it comes to funny. Ever since the "greased
  weasel" series of kernel releases I have been stuck for a good name.

  This release is tentatively called the "stoned beaver" release (beavers 
  are _almost_ as good as weasels, as I'm sure Scott Adams would agree).  

  If you feel strongly about the issue, please send your votes and
  ideas to "feedback@beaver-overlord.com", I'm sure somebody will find
  your insight fascinating.

  Thank you in advance. ]



I have nothing to add at this time.


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