[linux-elitists] Bizarre press release of the day

Mister Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Fri Nov 21 17:34:49 PST 2003

>>>>> "AK" == Adam Kessel <adam@bostoncoop.net> writes:
    AK> I know someone at a fairly large software company that
    AK> discovered that a key library statically linked in their
    AK> product was licensed under the GPL a few days before the
    AK> product was to be released. They had to scramble to replace
    AK> the library with a public domain equivalent. I doubt the
    AK> software would have lost "all commercial value" had it been
    AK> released accidentally with the GPL library, but it certainly
    AK> could have been a headache for the company.

This is kinda like that time my music label was days away from
releasing a new Britney Spears CD, when someone found out that all
Britney Spears music is copyrighted! Man, did we have to scramble,
recording new music to put on that CD! What a hassle! We sure dodged a
bullet on that one.

You're not describing a problem of Free Software; it's a problem of
copyright in general. The company would have had the same problem if
they'd linked against a proprietary library. You can't use somebody
else's stuff except on their terms.

~Mr. Bad

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