[linux-elitists] Mutt install 101

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Nov 11 19:56:35 PST 2003

Quoting Michael Still (mikal@stillhq.com):

> I'm happy for you to have your own opinion. Then again, pine has served me 
> well for close to a decade....

Except in your dismal failure to respect people's Mail-Followup-To
headers.  Thus the _explicitly unwelcome_ offlist copies of your
postings that have been littering my personal mailbox.  Are you going to
quit doing that?

>  - it's my recollection that mutt uses maildir. Am I confused?

Uses either.

>  - if I'm not confused, what config changes do I make to sendmail to get 
> the mail delivered to directories instead of mboxes?

Mu.  Sendmail is not an MDA.  (It does _include_ a perfunctory MDA,
/usr/bin/mail.local .  Most people use procmail, maildrop, or some more
reasonable alternative.  For Maildir support, q.v.)

>  - how do I convert my existing several gigabyte mail collection from 
> mboxes to maildirs?

Mu.  But the answer is a formail script and a suitable MDA.

>  - how do maildirs scale (in the sense that at the moment I archive an 
> mbox when it gets bigger than 5 megabytes, because pine just gets too slow 
> at determining if there is new mail when I hit tab)? Do I need to archive 
> old mailfiles regularly?

Mu.  But the answer is that they scale differently -- better or worse 
depending on circumstance.

>  - can you recommend an IMAP server which will transparently deal with 
> maildirs?

Mu.  But Courier imapd would suit that hypothetical.

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