[linux-elitists] What's wrong with PDF

Ben Finney ben@benfinney.id.au
Tue Nov 11 19:51:17 PST 2003

On 12-Nov-2003, Michael Still wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Nov 2003, Rick Moen wrote:
> > Quoting Michael Still (mikal@stillhq.com):
> > 
> > > No it's not. I specifically cite legal documents as an example.
> > 
> > I rest my case, folks.  The man keeps shifting between belabouring
> > obvious points already acknowledged, and vaguely hinting at Great
> > Truths<tm> that we'd realise if we would only listen.  He may have
> > _something_ to say, but apparently not any time soon.
> I give up trying to have a sensible conversation with you. Clearly, we 
> cannot agree on whether PDF ever has a place in the world apart from what 
> you call "contrived examples".

Early in this thread (before the Subject line changed to match the new
topic of discussion), Rick made a clear statement that PDF *does* "have
a place in the world":

    Rick Moen:
    > PDF is a fine way to deliver printables that are intended to go
    > directly onto paper with the exact original appearance.

Others in this thread have stated a similar position.  The position that
PDF is useful for some limited set of tasks is not incompatible with
decrying its use for tasks it doesn't fit.

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