[linux-elitists] Re: What's wrong with PDF

Jeremy Hankins nowan@nowan.org
Tue Nov 11 11:01:43 PST 2003

Tilghman Lesher <zgp-org@the-tilghman.com> writes:

> Well, there is one other advantage of PDF over plain text.  When you
> change the font face, font size, margins, or any other of the myriad
> formatting options in a plain text document, you generally lose the
> ability to request that someone look at "page 48, third paragraph,
> line 3" and expect that you'll find the same sentence as anybody
> else.  While it has been noted elsewhere in this thread that PDFs
> are not unchangeable, it does present a fairly sufficient barrier to
> doing just that.

Section Foo, paragraph xyz.  Suggesting that sections are pointless
unless there are several per page is rather disingenuous.

> Also, it's worth noting that the PDF format is far more platform
> independent than the format it is generally used to replace,
> Microsoft Word.  Given the choice between the two, I'm sure most
> elitists would pick TeX.  However, like Microsoft Word, there is a
> serious lack of free TeX readers on most platforms.

Which platform are you looking for?  I acknowledge that TeX is
unfortunately not terribly useful as a way to make documents
available, but that's mainly because most of the folks that write (and
read) PDFs have never heard of TeX.

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