[linux-elitists] What's wrong with PDF

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Mon Nov 10 19:21:25 PST 2003

on Sun, Nov 09, 2003 at 11:32:44PM -0800, Nick Moffitt (nick@zork.net) wrote:
> begin  Ben Finney  quotation:
> > Only as seamless as the tool provides.  Since you are fine with
> > needing special tools to read the document, why not compress using
> > gzip and avoid all the other hassles of PDF?  Tools that support
> > reading gzip-compressed text are arguably much more numerous than
> > those that support reading compressed PDF.
> 	zless is a pretty decent transparent replacement for
> less/more, since it falls back to unencrypted text if it doesn't find
> a gzip header.  vim handles gzipped files transparently as well.

    echo '$( eval lesspipe )' >> ~/.bashrc

    less foo
    less foo.arj
    less foo.bz
    less foo.bz2
    less foo.deb
    less foo.doc
    less foo.dz
    less foo.gif
    less foo.gz
    less foo.jar
    less foo.jpeg
    less foo.jpg
    less foo.lha
    less foo.lzh
    less foo.pcd
    less foo.pdf
    less foo.png
    less foo.r[0-9][0-9]
    less foo.rar
    less foo.rpm
    less foo.tar
    less foo.tar.bz2
    less foo.tar.dz
    less foo.tar.gz
    less foo.tar.z
    less foo.tga
    less foo.tgz
    less foo.tif
    less foo.tiff
    less foo.udeb
    less foo.war
    less foo.xpi
    less foo.z
    less foo.zip
    less foo.zoo


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