[linux-elitists] What's wrong with PDF

Tilghman Lesher zgp-org@the-tilghman.com
Mon Nov 10 11:21:58 PST 2003

On Monday 10 November 2003 12:59, Adam Sampson wrote:
> Tilghman Lesher <zgp-org@the-tilghman.com> writes:
> > Well, there is one other advantage of PDF over plain text.  When
> > you change the font face, font size, margins, or any other of the
> > myriad formatting options in a plain text document, you generally
> > lose the ability to request that someone look at "page 48, third
> > paragraph, line 3" and expect that you'll find the same sentence as
> > anybody else.
> With a plain text document, you can always say "line 1234", and with

Not true.  If you're reformatted your document with your own font face
and size, the text will wrap differently.  Lines 1-10 might be generally
the same, but by the time you get to line 1234, you may be hundreds of
lines different.

> structured documents you can usually say "section 1.3". I don't

For a finely structured document, with several section differentiators
per page, this is acceptable, but what do you do if section 1.3 lasts
10 pages?  Meanwhile, I've been on conference calls where sections
are referenced, and the response is, "Hold on; what page is that on?"

> consider needing to deal with page numbers to be an advantage, and
> probably won't until somebody buys me a monitor big enough to
> comfortably view a full portrait A4 page at once.


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