[linux-elitists] Performance issues with swap file vs. swap partition

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Thu Nov 6 12:05:22 PST 2003

begin  Jason Spence  quotation:
> Huh?  I never noticed there was a problem with IDE in general.  Many
> times someone will forget to turn DMA on (or cannot due to older
> hardware) and then I'll see performance problems, but I've never had
> any issues even with multiple disks going once DMA transfers are
> enabled.

	It's true that you can turn on DMA (note: in SCSI, you
actually have to find a way to turn it OFF if you're some sort of sick
person who doesn't like it), but I've got to say that the multiple
disks thing will kill you.  Even though the drives have DMA, the bus
gets saturated pretty quick.  You're offloading work from the CPU, but
the drives are still bone stupid compared to real SCSI peripherals.

	I can't comment on SATA, though, other than to note that after
a while, IDE will have exactly the same feature set (and price point)
as SCSI-2.

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