[linux-elitists] Performance issues with swap file vs. swap partition

Matthew Galgoci mgalgoci@redhat.com
Thu Nov 6 11:22:15 PST 2003

On Thu, 6 Nov 2003, tek wrote:

> > Whilst pondering the filesystem layout for a new box, a dim 
> > and distant memory was awakened; namely, the idea that under 
> > Linux 2.4, swapfiles give away no performance to swap partitions.
> > 
> > Googling for this produced a very unhelpful set of results,
> >  with more questions than answers.
> > 
> > So I turn to the elitists: given a 2.4 kernel, is a swap partition
> > faster than a swap file, or not?

In 2.4 it shouldn't matter much. I'd just rather have some swap and avoid hitting
it as much as possible.
> I might also mention, adding the swap partition to the end of your drive 
> should give you a little more speed since the partitions are setup from 
> the inside of the disk spreading out.

I've actually wondered about this before, and as far as I've been told that
the physical location of start and end of the drive are undefined and not necessarily
where you might intuitively expect them to be.


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