[linux-elitists] SCO Call summary

Michael Bacarella mbac@netgraft.com
Fri May 30 13:50:20 PDT 2003

>   - Stephen Vaughan Nichols (sp) asks good (last) question about the
>     less than linear relationship between Caldera, SCO, and Linux,
>     regarding Linux/Unix integration.  SCO's reply was largely
>     nonresponsive on this point.


> Final question:  Stephen Von Nicholas w/ Linux Today.  Caldera & SCO
> Project Monterrey history.  Went nowhere.  Caldera bought code.  Stated
> publicly they would work to bring Unix & Linux together.  Until recently
> this was a main thrust of Caldera/SCO.  Very mixed history.  In what way
> can you demonstrate that SCO engineers themselves working on their
> mission didn't merge code bases together?
> A: "It is an interesting history".  Caldera has held core Unix
> ownership.  IBM walked away from Monterey.  Owns all legal claims.  On
> linux side, there's some linux-on-intel capabilities, but there are some
> significant issues.  Community knows there is code in there, knows that
> there are contract issues.  Everybody who really knows knows that SCO
> has a strong position.  QUestion is how this is going to be resolved --
> will SCO be shut down before this can go to court?
> We know we have a strong set of rights.  We have legal rights, these are
> our crown jewels, this is what we are fighting for.

This really was the most entertaining part of the conference
call since it had some real zing to it.

Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this...

I remember Mr. Nichols stated something to the effect of how
Caldera and Novell teamed up to promote Linux by contributing
UnixWare code to it, and how SCO and IBM teamed up to contribute
SVR4 towards Linux.  AIX was mentioned too, possibly that
it was arranged so that SVR4 code would go into IBM's AIX.
And wouldn't it be so interesting if, now that Caldera and
SCO congealed to become The SCO Group, that they may just be
crying foul about code that their predescessor companies
willfully added in their own "interesting histories".

This question appeared to agitate the people on SCO's side, and they
went into what seemed like a tirade about how they are in the right,
they've got the proof, important people who aren't you are on our
side, and just you guys watch.

They also said something about disclosing the facts early (to
select groups?) so that their UNIX licensees could be at ease and
not have to wait years for evidence to come out in court.

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