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Mikael Pawlo mikael@pawlo.com
Fri May 30 00:07:57 PDT 2003

At 21.01 +0200 03-05-29, Mikael Pawlo wrote:
>At 18.33 -0600 03-05-28, Jonathan Corbet wrote:
>>> Can this possibly become any more comic-opera?
>>You know, it *is* a comic opera, and it's screwing up my work.  It's hard
>>to get anything done when you're laughing too hard to operate your
>I can actually think of a few things more amusing than trying to give
>advise to clients worried about the fuss provided by SCO.
>I don't know how enterprises react to this mess in the U.S. but over here
>people are worried. With 'people' I mean the ones certifying the bills for
>payment at larger companies. I guess that is also part of the SCO tactics.
>IBM will have to enter into a conciliation (settlement) for commercial
>reasons, should they not be able to throw this out of court with a
>preliminary injunction or something similar pretty soon.
>Do you know if FSF or someone else is tracking this on a day-to-day

Mr Karsten M. Self forwarded my question to Mr Bradley M. Kuhn, executive
director of the FSF. Mr Kuhn replied that FSF lacks the resources to track
the SCO proceedings in the way I suggested. This means that the idea below
still stands:

>If not, we should convince someone to do it, maybe even in collaboration
>with IBM. It would be great to be able to furnish worried Swedes and others
>with an URL with all the necessary updates and information on the SCO
>ongoings in this matter. Then even I would be able to smile at this mess!

I am copying (BCC) some friends with the means and contacts needed in order
to make this an openlaw project ( http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/openlaw/ )
or something similar. Mr Self has already decided to start collecting
links, so it should not be too much work providing this service...   .-)

So - Is there anyone out there feeling like providing a web page tracking
the SCO ./. IBM proceedings in the way suggested above (or at least passing
the suggestion along to the proper level at IBM)?

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