[linux-elitists] Info on SCO Lawsuit

Jonathan Corbet corbet-elite@lwn.net
Wed May 28 13:26:59 PDT 2003

> Today's Novell revalation makes this bit of SCO's 10-K stand out in 
> sharp relief:

>     The Company has an arrangement with Novell, Inc. ("Novell") in 
>     which it acts as an administrative agent in the collection of 
>     royalties for customers who deploy SVRx technology. 

That is an amusing contrast to the SCOsource page (sco.com/scosource/):

	SCO is the owner of the UNIX Operating System Intellectual Property
	that dates all the way back 1969, when the UNIX System was created
	at Bell Laboratories. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions,
	SCO has acquired ownership of the patents, copyrights and core
	technology associated with the UNIX System.

Maybe we should get the Memory Hole or some similar site to archive that
page; something tells me they may be changing it before too long.

If nothing else, Novell has poked a nice little hole in the SCOX bubble;
down 25% on 2 million shares volume today.


P.S.  Thanks a *lot* Karsten...I thought I was done with my SCO article, 
      which I hadn't been planning to write in the first place...

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