[linux-elitists] Just Linux Hardware (re-opened)

Michael Bacarella mbac@netgraft.com
Wed May 21 06:38:29 PDT 2003


Acting on all of the feedback from the first release announcement,
we have rebuilt justlinuxhardware.com, whose ambitious goal is to
be a complete linux hardware compatibility directory.

The inspiration for the site came from my growing concerns over
manufacturers slipping DRM and other "trusted" technology into
computer hardware, and I thought a directory which helped users steer
clear of this evilware would be most valuable.

It later became apparant that such a site is basically rating hardware
for its Linux friendliness, and while we're at it, we can also collect
information on how well the device works with Linux systems period.

So, the easy stuff's taken care of.  We've got a good foundation to
build on, a mildly attractive interface, and people can add comments
and submit their own hardware reports.

I figure if we can convince one person a day to look at their computers
and submit a hardware report for each device that appears in lspci, we can
quickly come to provide a very valuable resource.

The way I'd like the site to support itself is by driving business
to Linux friendly vendors in exchange for a commission of any sales
the site may generate.  This acts upon some important forces:

    1. Hardware vendors who target Linux increase their sales, sending
        a message to industry.

    2. Users have an easier time getting their hardware to work under
        Linux, and helps them steer clear of hardware that will not
        work well.  Potentially advances Linux adoption, plus it may
        send a different kind of message to non-Linux friendly vendors.

    3. Merchants/resellers who are Linux friendly get more business.

    4. Linux advancing groups profit from more business from merchants.

What we need most right now are Linux friendly companies who would
allow us to advertise their business on the site in exchange for paying
JLH a commission if it generates any sales.

Feedback is of course welcome.  Feel free to forward this message
if you like.


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