[linux-elitists] quotes from the leaders

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Sat May 17 17:37:56 PDT 2003

begin  The Mighty Silverback  quotation:
> I don't think "FUD" counts as a single word.

What about these?

X-AmikaGuardian-Id: mail17.speakeasy.net105319667923619523
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Picky Clues : 0.01
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Spam : 0.01
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Override : 1.2
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Spam Structure : 0.01
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Junk Mail : 0.01
X-AmikaGuardian-Category: AN:Forwarded Mail : 1.2
X-AmikaGuardian-Action: Do Nothing()

	What the hell are those, and why are they in your headers?



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