[linux-elitists] quotes from the leaders

Mark Stillwell marklee@ufl.edu
Fri May 16 06:23:08 PDT 2003

> I'm not sure that open source software is qualitatively more risky to
> users than proprietary software.  At least with open source, users
> have (in principle) the ability to examine or remove the alledgedly
> infringing code.

That's what I was wondering about.

Suppose for a moment that the kernel does contain code which infringes
on SCO's copyrights.  It would seem to me that everyone except for the
(hypothetical) developers who contributed the infringing code and
possibly their employer acted in good faith.  The linux community would be as
much a victim as SCO.  I would think that under these circumstances any
reasonable judge would just give the community some sort of time limit to
remove the infringing code.  I wouldn't think that redhat or any of the linux
companies would be liable for anything unless SCO could prove that they
knew the code was infringing.

Does anyone understand why SCO is being so secretive about which parts
of the kernel supposedly contain their IP?  

Mark Stillwell

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