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Michael Still mikal@stillhq.com
Thu May 15 15:32:07 PDT 2003

On Thu, 15 May 2003, Don Marti wrote:

> begin Michael Still quotation of Thu, May 15, 2003 at 05:18:25PM +1000:
> > I have in my collection:
> >  - OpenLinux 2.3 (c) 2000 Caldera
> >  - OpenLinux Server 3.1.1 (c) 2002 Caldera
> >
> > Both have a notation on the CD saying "source code at caldera.com", the
> > URLs in question being:
> >
> >  - www.calderasystems.com/eserver
> > and
> >  - www.caldera.com/support/docs/openlinux
> Do you remember the dates that you received the CDs, and did you
> receive them directly from a Caldera employee?

Ok, they would have been handouts at conference trade shows. The only one
I attend regularly is AUUG (I can't see LCA having handed these out), so
if we go with that assumption, then:

2000 in Canberra
2002 in Melbourne

Checkout http://www.auug.org.au/events/winter.html -- Caldera is
certainly a sponsor of the 2002 event. John Terpstra was present as a
Caldera employee (he's now moved on I believe) at the 2002 conference.

AUUG might be able to provide information of previous sponsorships from
Caldera and help confirm these dates. I have cc'ed the current president.

> Does the second CD contain any other markings?  It's important
> to unambiguously identify it.  I think it's best to work from the
> latest CD possible.

Hmmmm. I read the wrong URL on the disc. The source is claimed to be at
ftp://ftp.caldera.com/pub/server, which is 404.

I've put a JPEG of the CD at
http://www.stillhq.com/diary/pictures/caldera-cd.jpg is that good enough?
The information from the disc is:


                                    Installation &
                                    Binaries for
  Release 3.1.1                     OpenLinux
  CD #1                             Server

  Release notes                     GPL source
  can be found at                   downloadable from:
  www.caldera.com/                  ftp.caldera.com/pub/
  support/docs/openlinux            server




      (c) 2002 Caldera International, Inc.
             All rights reserved.



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