[linux-elitists] [mds@hsmds2.prnewswire.com: SCO Suspends Distribution of Linux Pending Intellectual Property...]

Ben Woodard woodard@redhat.com
Thu May 15 15:06:43 PDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-05-15 at 14:27, Nathaniel Smith wrote:
> Then we have Robert LeBlanc saying that IBM will be helping Linux get
> up to speed so it can replace Monterey/AIX, and that they've made
> contributions like JFS already.  There's the rather alarming quote
> "we're willing to open source any part of AIX that the Linux community
> considers valuable", 

One thing that I personally observed from working with IBM on printing
stuff around the time of this quote was that they were doing exactly
what they said. They would open up anything we asked for BUT it took
literally months. The big hold up was they had to review the code very
closely to prove that they were legitimately entitled to distribute it.
So I think that IBM will have little trouble disproving this claim.


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