[linux-elitists] quotes from the leaders

Michael Bacarella mbac@netgraft.com
Thu May 15 09:01:55 PDT 2003

> I really got a kick out of this page:
> http://www.sco.com/scosource/quotes_from_leaders.html

That clinches it, SCO's entire case is BS.

I suspect the angle of SCO's lawsuit is that Linux looks like
UnixWare, and that they think they can convince a judge that because
it looks like UnixWare, and because Linux leaders say they have no respect
for IP law, have admitted that their goal is to clone UNIX, that this clearly
means that there is copyright infringement going on--even if their evidence
is circumstantial.  IBM?  They're just innocents who got caught in the
middle.  However, a contract is still a contract so they have to cough
up the cash.

I can just see their lawyers dreaming up this case.  The tireless innovators
at SCO stand tall in court, trying humbly to defend themselves from the
unwashed ill-mannered hacker hordes who will stomp in, screaming about the evils
of copyright and capitalism.  The judge has seen enough before they even take
the stand, he slams the gavel and rules in SCO's favor.

Boy, are they in for a suprise.  This should be entertaining.

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