[linux-elitists] [mds@hsmds2.prnewswire.com: SCO Suspends Distribution of Linux Pending Intellectual Property...]

Jonathan Corbet corbet-elite@lwn.net
Thu May 15 06:52:03 PDT 2003

> I've worked on the kernel since 1991, and I can tell you that this issue
> was addressed on the linux kernel mailing list as early as 1992, I
> believe.  The only sources of kernel code that I am aware of was the BSD
> unencumbered sources, the Bach book, and Minix itself.

I sure wish we could count on that.  There's an awful lot of people with
access to Unix source.  And there's a lot of people who have contributed to
the kernel.  There is a certain value (measured in reputation-zorkmids) to
getting your name attached to a chunk of kernel code.  The chances that
somebody, somewhere has taken a short cut are, to me, distressingly high.

As a general rule, though, the kernel hackers are certainly far to elite to
pollute the kernel with something as brain-damaged, b0rken, and misdesigned
as Unix code.  They know, after all, the real right way to do it...

Seriously, though, I'm fairly sure that, if you look hard enough, you can
find a driver here or module there with dubious parentage.  It may be
enough to let SCO say "we told you so," but I have a hard time imagining
that it would be anything all that central or hard to do without.


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