[linux-elitists] [mds@hsmds2.prnewswire.com: SCO Suspends Distribution of Linux Pending Intellectual Property...]

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Thu May 15 01:25:17 PDT 2003

Quoting Karsten Self (kmself@ix.netcom.com):

> Fourth, read the 10-K.

Hmm, old financial analyst's trick:  Check the shareholder's proxy
statement, too.

Aha, anyone planning to be in Lindon, Utah, on Friday (May 16)?  The
Caldera International, Inc. annual meeting of the stockholders will be
held at 355 South 520 West, Suite 100, Lindon, UT, starting 9 AM.  If
so, let me know and my wife Deirdre will give you a proxy voting
statement for her 10 shares of Caldera, which will ensure that you can
enter and (if you wish) speak.

(Not a lot of interesting business planned.  The long-scheduled vote
will occur to change the company name to The SCO Group, Inc., as part of
what is obviously a long-contemplated move completely into the
proprietary SysV software business.  After this, they'll no longer have
to use the d/b/a arrangement they've been using of late.)

Usually, the proxy statement's an interesting place to dig for dirt,
because they figure most shareholders won't think to look there, and so
they put there any juicy bits that must by law be in the annual report
(10K), and then put a footnote in the annual report saying the proxy
statement (not included) is incorporated by reference.  Cute, eh?

In this one case, it seems likely that they carefully cleaned up any
funny business in advance, in anticipation of the lawsuit, which clearly
was being planned when MacBride took over from Ransom Love.

Hmm, looks like in mid-2002, Caldera paid a bit over a million dollars
(at a price above market) to buy a big block of MTI Technology, Inc.
shares, which they later dumped.  I wonder what that was about?

As expected, this one seems pretty prosaic (and I'm a little tired to 
do much more analysis, at the moment).

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