[linux-elitists] [mds@hsmds2.prnewswire.com: SCO Suspends Distribution of Linux Pending Intellectual Property...]

Alan DuBoff aland@SoftOrchestra.com
Wed May 14 23:00:01 PDT 2003

On Wednesday 14 May 2003 19:35, Don Marti wrote:
> If half of what Sontag says is right, there are kernel developers
> perpetrating not just copyright infringement, but academic
> dishonesty and plagiarism.  

If this is true, there is gonna be some doo-doo hitting the fan for Linux 
associated companies.

I still think that IBM was the wrong company for them to select as their 
target. This is after all a company that was writing computer operating 
systems before UNIX existed, with patents to claim rights to much of that 
very functionality.

To be able to prove such claims, SCO will need to prove that whole chunks of 
code were grafted into Linux. If they can do that, and can prove that IBM did 
it, that wouldn't be good for IBM.


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