[linux-elitists] mailman, bogofilter, and exim

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Tue May 13 22:26:46 PDT 2003

begin  Martin Pool  quotation:
> Or just mark the whole thing as spam, in the sense of "I don't want
> to see this".  I have trained my bogofilter this way, and now any
> Mailman messages about spam are sequestered, and messages not about
> spam get through.  (I think bogofilter probably thinks the part
> added by Mailman not correlated with spamicity.)  I don't care about
> the occassional spam staying in the Mailman queue for a few days
> until a real message prompts me to run through it.

	I don't like that solution.  I actually memory-limit zork so
that I don't get machine-killer runaway CGIs, and my lists get so much
spam that the python CGI for admindb croaks the pam_limits death.  I
much prefer to be able to hit a mailbox, tag all the message tickets,
and hit M.  No stupid web crap involved.



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