[linux-elitists] mailman, bogofilter, and exim

Martin Pool mbp@samba.org
Tue May 13 22:13:55 PDT 2003

On 13 May 2003, Nick Moffitt <nick@zork.net> wrote:
> So zork.net just upgraded to mailman 2.1.1 as it hit testing.  I had
> to muck with exim a bit to get it to work properly (hint: the
> daturbase file is now "config.pck", making your requirefile directives
> turn up blank on new lists -- and the upgrade asks you to create a new
> list called "mailman" for over-arching maintenance purposes!)
> I was delighted to see that mailman now offers e-mail based moderation
> actions.  The problem with this is that it sends the messages through
> to you as message/rfc822 attachments, along with a similar attachment
> for the confirmation ticket.

Or just mark the whole thing as spam, in the sense of "I don't want to
see this".  I have trained my bogofilter this way, and now any Mailman
messages about spam are sequestered, and messages not about spam get
through.  (I think bogofilter probably thinks the part added by
Mailman not correlated with spamicity.)  I don't care about the
occassional spam staying in the Mailman queue for a few days until a
real message prompts me to run through it.

> Note also that bogofilter changed the semantics, so that your scripts
> that were doing "bogofilter -S" did the OPPOSITE of what they did a
> version back.  That's HORRIBLE and NASTY and only the sort of thing a
> big smelly man with a Ron Jeremy moustache like ESR would do.

Yeah, for all that he goes on about "The Unix way to do it", he ought
to realize that (silently) inverting the meaning of flags is not the
Unix way!  (Or maybe it is: after all Unix has SysV "killall").

However, he is redeemed in my book by writing this very nice summary
of why SCO are even bigger losers:



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