[linux-elitists] Handheld computer - as free as can be

John Bethencourt bethenco@upl.cs.wisc.edu
Tue May 13 17:38:22 PDT 2003

Martin Pool wrote:
> It's nice to hear that you like Keyring.
> I have given up doing free software development on PalmOS.
> If I were to go back, I think I would do shareware or something like
> the Ghostscript licence, or perhaps at most sell binaries and give
> free source.  There is just not a good free software culture --
> everybody expects things to be $10 shareware.
> Keyring was plagiarized three times; twice in contravention of the GPL
> and once strictly inside it, but in poor taste.

I just thought I'd mention that Keyring is far and away the most useful
thing I have ever come across for a handheld computer. I probably use it
about fives time per day on average and keep about 120 passwords in it.

Thanks for writing such useful program and making if free software. I
know what you mean about the lack of free software culture for PalmOS;
it's too bad.

John Bethencourt

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