[linux-elitists] Handheld computer - as free as can be

Peter Kaminski kaminski@istori.com
Tue May 13 02:05:14 PDT 2003

Karsten M. Self writes,

> If you don't mind not having Graffiti, there's the Treo (about $300 after
> phone rebate).   Frankly, Xerox's patent on handwriting and its banishment of
> same from PDAs sucsk, so the Treo's out of consideration.

Thanks for lots of good observations, Karsten.  I wanted add some info
about the Treo 300, after having one for a couple months.

* $150 from Amazon after $350 in service activiation rebates.

* Graffiti works fine with Newpen installed (freeware), although I end
  up using the keyboard, mostly.

* Internet connectivity totally rocks.  I thought I would mostly use
  the web browser for Googling, etc., but having your email and IM
  able to come to your hip is really nice, and what I use the
  connectivity for most.  They're both commercial, but SnapperMail and
  VeriChat are both great.  Snappermail's handling of attachments in
  standard file formats, in particular, really changes the complexion
  of the Treo to be much more like a desktop than a PDA.  And Sprint's
  pricing at $10 (on top of a voice plan) for all-you-can data is

* No-open case.  No slots, not even a changeable battery. :( I miss my
  Handera, and being able to plug in a Microdrive or an MMC card.
  OTOH, 16Mb is reasonably roomy, and the battery lasts 2 days of
  regular use for me, including checking my backup email account every
  30 minutes.  (My normal email of ~300 messages, which I sometimes
  set to download if I'm away from the computer for the day, runs the
  battery down noticeably more.)  If you run out of memory, you can
  zip up files and mail them to yourself. :)

* Installed software: BART QuickPlanner, BatteryGraph, BigClock,
  Caltrain+, ClockPop, DayNotez, DiddleBug, DrawIt 1.43, HandZipper
  Lite, JpegWatch Lite, McPhling, MindManager Mobile, Newpen, PalmVNC,
  PilotMines, SnapperMail, VeriChat, Vexed, X-Master

* Great case: Belkin leather case

* Other PDAs I've owned and used, for context: Handera 330, Casio
  E-115, Casio E-100, MobilePro 750, Mobilon HC-4600, Aero 1500,
  Velo 1, Omnigo


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