[linux-elitists] Handheld computer - as free as can be

Joey Hess joey@kitenet.net
Thu May 8 10:52:10 PDT 2003

Greg KH wrote:
> Hm, I have something a bit bigger, a Fujitsu Lifebook:
> 	http://www.emperorlinux.com/piranha.html
> 26cm x 17cm x 4cm
> Runs Linux great, wonderful battery life, and can watch dvds anytime I
> want.  Also works great to sit down and type at and doesn't take up your
> whole backpack at all.
> The EmperorLinux guys were pretty helpful too, turns out their price was
> cheaper than the on-street price in Hong Kong was (and that was with
> Windows only).  Getting a computer installed already with Linux on it,
> and everything already tweaked properly for the hardware was a very
> strange feeling.  Nice though, I could get used to it :)

Hmm, I bought my lifebook direct from fujitsu last summer for $650 less
than the slightly newer model shown there.

It's surely the best linux laptop in its class right now. The only minor
annoyances are the lack of a built-in microphone and the damned low
battery beep from the BIOS (which starts here when I have about 1 hour
of battery left and forces me to turn off the sound and music). Oh and
the customary low receive sensitivity of the prism2 card. And it can
only see the DVD drive if it boots with it in the bay. These are very
minor annoyances though. Great machine.

see shy jo
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