[linux-elitists] Handheld computer - as free as can be

Mister Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Thu May 8 09:34:10 PDT 2003

>>>>> "BF" == Ben Finney <bignose@zip.com.au> writes:

    BF>   - Small form factor.  The main reason I liked the Palm V at
    BF> the time it came out was the slimness compared to other
    BF> then-contemporary machines.

I'm actually looking for something _larger_ than a palmtop, but
smaller than a notebook computer, which could be a replacement for

The size I'm thinking about is around the level of a Newton or a Poqet
PC (http://bmason.best.vwh.net/PoqetPC/index.shtml) -- roughly
10cm x 20cm x 5cm, give or take.

I'd want to have something that was comfortable for doing stylus input
-- small enough that I could hold it in my (pretty big) hand without a
lot of trouble -- but also something I could sit down and type at
without having to hunch my shoulders and squint a lot.

It doesn't have to fit in a suit pocket -- just be small enough that
it doesn't take up my entire backpack.

And, of course, it has to run Linux.

Any suggestions?

~Mr. Bad

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