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Mikael Pawlo mikael@pawlo.com
Sat May 3 02:32:05 PDT 2003

At 13.14 -0700 03-05-02, Don Marti wrote:
>Quote of the Day:
>"We're finding...cases where there is line-by-line code in the Linux
>kernel that is matching up to our UnixWare code."
>Darl McBride

I have been looking for a quote I might have gotten from Ditherati or some
place completely different .-) I might also have dreamt it, who knows?

It is that quote where an IBM executive states that IBM will fight SCO and
"darken the skies with lawyers" or something to that extent. Do you know
what I am talking about and where to find the exact quote?

I am supposed to give a speech at this event (in Kista, Sweden) next week
(that's why I need the quote):

Anyone here going? I can use some moral support .-)

Thanks in advance,



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