[linux-elitists] Our little side project... Just Linux Hardware (dot com)

Brian Nelson nelson@bignachos.com
Wed Mar 26 09:01:57 PST 2003

Michael Bacarella <mbac@netgraft.com> writes:

> Shopping for hardware is a chore.  For us elitists,
> it's especially bothersome because you have to investigate
> devices for Linux compatibility.
> This seems like a barrier to sale to me, so I thought about attacking the
> problem by building a site that only lists well supported
> Linux hardware, and provides links to purchasing it via
> affiliates.
> Here is the unborn unreleased please be gentle in criticism
> version we've come up with so far.
>     http://justlinuxhardware.com/
> What do you folks think?

I think it would have been extremely useful before 1998, but these days
most hardware seems to work in with Linux.  The exception is video
adapters.  Most old ones work, but new ones are often only supported in
XFree86 CVS, and many of the popular ones require proprietary modules
for 3-D acceleration (don't get me started on how insidious those
modules are).

Unfortunately, I don't think a website could help that situation...

I had no feelings about it.  It was aloof and licked itself too much.
Like my cat Mr. Trotsky.
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