[linux-elitists] Our little side project... Just Linux Hardware (dot com)

Michael Bacarella mbac@netgraft.com
Wed Mar 26 07:48:42 PST 2003

Shopping for hardware is a chore.  For us elitists,
it's especially bothersome because you have to investigate
devices for Linux compatibility.

This seems like a barrier to sale to me, so I thought about attacking the
problem by building a site that only lists well supported
Linux hardware, and provides links to purchasing it via

Here is the unborn unreleased please be gentle in criticism
version we've come up with so far.


Probably not a directly viable business model, but I still
think it's worth me spending money on.  Consider, if the
site is any good:

    1. Shopping for Linux becomes a bit easier (hopefully?),
    which is better for the community.

    2. Vendors who support Linux are rewarded by increased sales.

    3. Retailers who sell vendor's products are rewarded by increased sales.

    4. Companies who haven't decided to support Linux yet can see
    a real picture of what kind of business they're missing out on.
    The invisible hand...

    5. Companies in step #4 who want to develop a Linux strategy
    have been introduced to an ally who can help them in their
    quest.  And if this leads to work, I know a list or two of
    consultants who may be able to help us out...

What do you folks think?

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