[linux-elitists] Nobody's favorite language? C++ and free software

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed Mar 26 01:22:12 PST 2003

Quoting Alan DuBoff (aland@SoftOrchestra.com):

> Well, let me ask you something Rick. If someone was to use 
> Tomcat/Xerces-J/Xalan-J to create web based JSP apps, you would only need a 
> browser to benifit from them.

That browser needs a JRE to do anything with it.  I think the only
free-software JRE to date is Japhar talking to a browser OJI interface
-- and that's still a pretty sad case, Japhar being noticably behind the
aforementioned very weak Kaffe implementation (which also forms the key 
part of GNU gcj).  For practical purposes, you'd need the Sun or
Blackdown browser plugin lib.

So, what you're saying is that Tomcat/Xerces-J/Xalan-J and an httpd can
be used to serve up Java stuff to a non-free JVM and set of classlibs.
Not to mention that, realistically, you'd need a proprietary JDK to 
write/debug it prior to deployment, in the first place.

So, your example is pretty much a convoluted instance of the _exact_
situation I just outlined, a few minutes ago.

I'm detailing all of this lest some reader of this mailing list be
mislead into thinking there's reasonable free-software Java support on
*ix (or any other OS).  There isn't now, hasn't been in the past, and
doesn't seem likely to be any for the foreseeable future -- on account
of the shortfalls previously noted.

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