[linux-elitists] Nobody's favorite language? C++ and free software

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Mar 25 23:40:26 PST 2003

(Eh, Java again?  Isn't it dead yet?)

Quoting Nick Moffitt (nick@zork.net):

> The runtimes aren't there.  It's like having C++ but not MFC -- your
> claims of portability are lost.  Thus, Java remains a one-off language
> with no framework for free software apps to share.

Alan, listen to the man:  He's right.  There's kind of a skeleton for a
runtime environment, with free software VMs such as kaffe and its
associated set of class libraries, but they're perennially incomplete
and only aspire to implement subsets of the whole JDK hairball -- in
kaffe's case, a subset of the PersonalJava 1.3 spec.  Not even close to
a full implementation, not even close to current -- with no sign of this

The libs are the real killer, since practically all significant Java
projects get created so as to be heavily dependent on Sun's voluminous
collection of proprietary class libraries, most of which have never been
implemented using free code, and maybe never will be.  And that's not
even counting the OS dependencies.

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Rick Moen                                    "How does it shell?"

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