[linux-elitists] Nobody's favorite language? C++ and free software

Alan DuBoff aland@SoftOrchestra.com
Tue Mar 25 20:08:38 PST 2003

On Tuesday 25 March 2003 12:12, Nick Moffitt wrote:
> begin  Alan DuBoff  quotation:
> > Yes, but Xerces also has a Java implementation also.
> 	That may be another reason for C++'s surge -- Javur
> programmers jumping ship.

Hmmm...I don't see Java programmers jumping ship, in fact, I see Java being 
pretty strong and healthy these days. It seems to be used in small devices 
like cell phones, to backends on servers (i.e., JSP, servlets, etc...). 
Motorola announced a cell phone that will use embedded linux and java 
recentely even.

If anything, many C++ programmers had jumped ship to go work on Java, at 
least that was the case at Taligent, around '96-'97, where more people 
adopted Java in the early days than most others. Java was the promised land, 
it was to offer all of what C++ supposedly didn't do well, and make 
everyone's life easier. It didn't do that.


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