[linux-elitists] The PDP-11 assembler that thinks it's an object system!

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Tue Mar 25 19:00:17 PST 2003

begin  Martin Pool  quotation:
> You can also look at Gabriel's "worse is better" for clues.  C++
> does not have a "predictable performance model" in the way that C
> does: by looking at C code, you can see roughly how many cycles it
> will take (as a parameter of the inputs, anyhow.)  That's not true
> for C++: implicit constructors and similar things make it harder to
> see from the code exactly what is going on.

	I've heard of horror stories where someone realized that what
he *thought* were simple pointer dereferences were actually overloaded
into byzantine thread-safety locksmithing and reference count
management code.  He was trying to figure out why his inner loops were
so slow, and was nearly in tears as he saw the debugger branch off
into reams of O(N) code.



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