[linux-elitists] Streaming Video solution for Linux

Jack Moffitt jack@xiph.org
Thu Mar 13 14:51:21 PST 2003

> It's not such a problem with the server as it is the client. Most of the 
> formats don't have decent clients on Linux. Quicktime for instance seems to 
> be prevented from being ported to Linux due to prior contractual agreements 
> with ms, and I've been told that they can only port to ms-dos or mac 
> platforms. Maybe that will change now that the courts have ruled that ms 
> needs to play fair, but so far we don't see any Quicktime for Linux.

I thought the issue with quicktime was IP issues with Sorensen, not
Microsoft.  Though I wouldn't be surprised if both are involved.

Is hte quicktime server really open source anyway?  I thought it was
quasi-open under the strange APSL or whatever.


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