[linux-elitists] Perens: SCO looking for Buy-out?

Gilad Ben-Yossef gilad@benyossef.com
Sun Mar 9 02:11:04 PST 2003

Karsten M. Self wrote:
> on Sat, Mar 08, 2003 at 05:42:07PM -0500, Justin F. Knotzke (jknotzke@shampoo.ca) wrote:
>>On Sat, Mar 08, 2003 at 05:06:21PM +0100, Eugen Leitl wrote:
>>>"IBM doesn't have to settle with a company this small. They can just
>>>eat them."
>>   I'm a little ignorant on this subject but does anyone think this is
>>what SCO is up to; that is hoping to get bought?
> My preferred end-game scenario:
>  - IBM effectively reduces the market value of SCO on Tuesday of next
>    week to $1 after certain irregularities in the patent licensing
>    arrangements of the SCO Group, Hatch, James & Dodge P.C., and Boise,
>    Schiller & Fletchner LLP emerge.
>  - Linux International offers, and has accepted, its $1 payement for
>    consideration of SCO's remaining assets, on Thursday of next week. 
>  - LI subcontracts out EOL support and migration to GNU/Linux for
>    remaining SCO operations, the bulk of which are retained by the PWC
>    and IBM Global Consulting units, Thursday afternoon.
>  - The remnants of Caldera GNU/Linux are offered to, and accepted by,
>    the United Linux Consortium, again for a nominal fee, Friday morning.
>  - LI proceeds to releasing the remaining original Unix codebase under 
>    one or more free software licenses, to include the GNU GPL,
>    commencing Friday.

Interesting... is SCO a privately held company? I say let's give them 
what they want and organize a worldwide 10$ per share "GNU *IS* UNIX" 
operation for buying for RMS the rights to the original UNIX source and 
all for his next birthday.

It will make the old chap really happy, I'm sure. It will be plain gonzo 
funny to have a GNU/UNIX distro and it will annoy the hell out of all 
the old UNIX vendors.

Sounds like good enough reasons to me... :-)


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