[linux-elitists] Reading about the SCO stupidity on Slashdot..

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Fri Mar 7 08:03:00 PST 2003

begin Greg KH quotation of Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 08:18:23PM -0800:

> Giving the code to the Linux community?  Yeah right, those AIX engineers
> don't even give the Linux engineers the time of day, let alone even let
> them so much as sneak a peak at the AIX code.  SCO doesn't stand a
> chance of proving what never happens.

Quoting the complaint:

  That team of IBM programmers is improperly extracting and using SCO's
  UNIX technology from the same building that was previously the UNIX
  technology center.   


IBM has lawyers -- you would think they would make sure people
with access to NDA-infected AIX code wouldn't contribute to Linux.
There must be a policy to this effect, right?

> Oh, and if in SCO's wildest dreams, what would happen if suddenly all of
> the AIX IBM employees stop working on AIX to abide by their wishes.  How
> much would they like it as all of those people jump over to Linux with a
> ferver.

The long-term effect here should be a disincentive to accept "Shared
Source" and other NDA-based access to code because of the risk of
tainting future projects.

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