[linux-elitists] Microsoft abuses where it only can.

Manfred Mertens mmertens@global-webservice.net
Wed Mar 5 08:21:52 PST 2003

Hello dear expert friends,

I'm not expert but read with interest your discussions and learn by it. I have 
in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, a little firm that offers only Linux distributions 
and Debian Linux. In this country the representant for Microsoft is 
vinculated to the government and its distributors are also IBM distributors.
Because I buy hardware to resell and obviously not the imposed Windows and 
MS-Office I got letters with menaces 'because they know I'm buying hardware 
and not buying software and therefore I'm piracying their software'. The 
letters come all on official Microsoft papers with logo but without 

I answered telling them that I only sell Linux products and hardware with 
Linux onboard and that I wait for signed accusations. I got further these 
nice papers and then I invited a distributor, showed my machine and software 
and the packages that I offer and asked him if IBM, that spents billions in 
Linux, knows what they do in Bolivia ... and what if I, in turn, explain them 
what here occurs. The letters ceased for a while.

Manfred Mertens

> I too find it disturbing. That it was sent as spam is quite
> uncool -- especially when one can make the quite logical 
> assumption that all spammed offers for software are examples of piracy
> themselves.

note that the BSA sent a lawyer letter:


accusing sites of pirating Microsoft Office and making them available
for public ftp.  oops, turns out those warez sites were mirroring
openoffice.org.  :)

time to reuse this for marketing, "OpenOffice is so compatible with
Microsoft Word that even the BSA can't tell it apart from Microsoft
Word."  :)

Jeff Suttor    <Jeff.Suttor@EarthLink.net>

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