[linux-elitists] Re: Telephone Lines to the Oversight Committee for the Microsoft Antitrust Settlement

Jay Sulzberger jays@panix.com
Sun Jun 29 23:04:28 PDT 2003

On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Jay Sulzberger wrote:

> The Microsoft antitrust settlement is overseen by a committee of three people:
> Franklin Fite
> Harry J. Saal
> Edward Stritter
> Franklin Fite is a formal Microsoft employee, and officially, he is
> Microsoft's committee member.  Harry J. Saal is the Department of Justice
> and the settling states' member.  Edward Stritter is the third member.
> The committee has offices at Microsoft headquarters in the state of
> Washington.  All three members' names appear in the official Microsoft
> directory of telephone numbers.
> Monday 16 June 2003 I called the Microsoft HQ switchboard in order to
> inform the committee that if Microsoft and its intermediary licensees do
> not change their policy of refusing to honor the Refund Clause of the EULA,
> legal action on several fronts would commence.  All phone lines to the
> three committee members were down.
> The switchboard number at Microsoft which I called is
> 425 882-8080
> On Tuesday, Wednesday, and just now, at about noon New York City time,
> Thursday 19 June 2003, I called the switchboard again in order to get
> through to the committee.  On all four days the lines were down.
> I just spoke with a Waggener Edstrom employee.  (I got put through to
> Waggener Edstrom by telling the switchboard operator that I had had pieces
> published in The Linux Journal.)  I asked the employee to get back to me by
> 5:00 pm Microsoft HQ time, Monday 23 June 2003, so we could discuss further
> whether it were wholly of advantage to Microsoft to leave the phones out of
> order.
> oo--JS.

The Waggener Edstrom Rapid Response Team member got back to me on
Monday 23 June 2003.  A telephone call from Microsoft to me was set up for
8:30 am Redmond Washington time, Tuesday 24 June 2003.  Two people from
Microsoft called at the appointed time.  We spoke, and I was assured that
the telephone lines were now repaired.  I was also told that the Oversight
Committee of, what is more properly styled, the Final Judgment in the
recent US Federal antitrust actions, has a website


and that the website provides useful contact information.

I called the main Microsoft number

425 882-8080

After Tuesday 24 June 2003, I was able to confirm that the telephone lines
were up again.  I left a long message in Harry J. Saal's voice-mailbox at
the end of his line, which I reached via the above number and the
switchboard operator.  Professor Saal and I are now in correspondence
regarding the continued refusal of Microsoft and various vendors of home
computer hardware to honor the Refund Clause of the Microsoft EULA.

Shortly, a call shall go out to the Tribes to prepare and assemble
Tales of Refunds and of No Refunds, and to help bring several legal actions
against Microsoft and co-conspirators.


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