[linux-elitists] SuSE on DeutscheWelle

Willy willy@linuxgazette.com
Sat Jun 28 14:40:25 PDT 2003

There's a program on DeutscheWelle, video on demand. Anyone know how to
download it? My connection's too slow to stream it. Link:


(look for SuSE, near the middle of the page, on June 27th:" SUSE - Oder
wie ein David gerne zum Goliath werden möchte.")


"SUSE - Or, How a David would like to become a Goliath.

Bad times for the software monopolist Microsoft: The independent operating
system Linux is inexorably on the march - the city of Munich has now
decided, as the first large German city, to use the system with the
friendly penguin. The software house SuSE wants to profit from this. It
wants to come out mostly with its own application programs."

Maybe it's just fluff, but it's still interesting to see getting to be so
mainstream in Germany.


Willy Smith

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