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``(3) DISABLING DURING CERTAIN USE.--An administrator, supervisor, or
person authorized by the responsible authority under paragraph (1) may
disable the technology protection measure concerned to enable access for
bona fide research or other lawful purposes."

Use by an adult would be a lawful purpose, IMHO.

but could you get them to do it...

I believe that by mentioning that the filter is there due to the fact they
want to comply to this act for funding, the law is there for the sake of
minors and if you are not a minor, you could mention you are not a minor
and you should not be restricted by this law.

but again, if they don't have computers specifically for adult use and are
installing filters for every computer, just so they can get funding... it
isn't out of bounds to mention that perhaps they can put that funding to
good use by implementing a separate section for children computer use and
adult computer use.

ID required, noone under 18 allowed to use these computers. I ... don't
care much for that concept either.

Also for those under 18, use a browser emulator. 

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On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 13:28, Don Marti wrote:

> This may be the best way to implement "turning off filters" for
> US libraries, which are now required to run web filters if they
> receive Federal funds, but also required to turn off the filter if
> a user 18 years old or older requests it.

If I understood correctly as I listened in on the News Hour the other
night, one of the judges mentioned that the filters could be turned off
if a user over the age of 18 requested it, but that this assertion is
not actually in that law anywhere.

Anyone know about that?

- Ron


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