[linux-elitists] The breadth of SCO's claims

Raghavendra Bhat ragu@asianetonline.net
Fri Jun 20 20:57:32 PDT 2003

mbp@samba posts:

>> It  is widely  believed that  Windows  contains some  BSD code  for
>> networking and other reasons. 

As the BSD license  is a weak one, it is a moot  point as to where its
code-base would be landing in.  The community has been deprived of its
own efforts,  in all these  instances of the seepage/pilferage  of the
BSD code-base by unethical entities.

>> given how  many times SCO  has recently decided to  threaten people
>> they previously promised were clear, who could trust them ?

It is not  a question of trust in our  little, imperfect world.  Trust
is earned by giving it.

The SCO issue is again teaching us that it is the ethical angle of the
GNU  and its  freedom-enhancing  GNU GPL  which  is going  to lead  us

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