[linux-elitists] Orrin Hatch would blow up his own computer

Nick 'Sharkey' Moore sharkey@zoic.org
Fri Jun 20 16:41:56 PDT 2003

On 2003-06-20, Jonathan Corbet wrote:
> I'm actually thinking I need to hack up a
> tool to crawl occasionally through LWN's outbound links and find the ones
> that have been "repurposed."  We can't be the only ones contending with
> this one, though; anybody know of an existing tool that would do that?

The problem being, I guess, that it's hard to know that it's changed.
The skanky porn site in question doesn't 30x Redirect the browser or
anything, by the looks, just squats there.  And legitimate sites may
30x Redirect in any case.  So just the return code isn't going to be
much use, and it looks like we're doomed to GET rather than HEAD.

Young Anna there might be big and natural, but she ain't Linux.  One
approach might be to grab the page, then do a SpamAssassin-like
check over it (amilinuxornot.pl), and warn if it's over a threshold.

You might want to be a bit more specific about this to avoid
embarrasment over "Hot Gnu Action" or whatever.  But having a separate
file of "<URL> <keywords>" would be an administrative nightmare.

Perhaps a script could look for tags like the following:
	<A HREF="http://example.com/" TITLE="big natural penguins">
and confirm that the title phrase is still in the target page.
(Sure, it could be spoofed but we're not up against geniuses here.)

Which might also do a good job of checking up on folks who've 
radically changed their content ("I've uninstalled Linux because
of it's inherently viral, unAlbanian nature and installed a legally
paid for and morally right copy of SCO Unixware ...")

just thinkin' ...

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