[linux-elitists] Why are boring Randroids meta-news material?

Jonathan Corbet corbet-elite@lwn.net
Thu Jun 19 09:54:32 PDT 2003

> So why are Linux sites throwing their Google juice, and their
> readers' attention, at the same old BS every time it appears on a
> new site in a slightly different form?

Gee...perhaps LWN is taking a bit of grief for pointing out some recent
FUD?  We drop a lot of truly stupid stuff, but occasionally one of those
articles goes up.  Among other things, I think it's worthwhile to be aware
of what is being said out there - what the others are reading.  And I'm
sure the recent FUD flood must mean something, but I'm not sure what. 

I've posted three FUDdish articles on LWN over the last couple of days,
which is definitely above trend.  They are:

   Linus is not ready for the enterprise 

   Enderle's piece was truly impressive in its bottom-feeding approach.
   But I thought it's worth pointing out the increase in attempts to link
   Linux to one of the famous Four Horsemen - terrorism.  It's the
   red-baiting of this particular frightening era, and it bears watching.

   What SCO Wants, SCO Gets

   "Linux users as granola children" is an old theme, and not particularly
   newsworthy.  I posted this one because the author did some research into
   the litigious history of SCO and its backers and came to the conclusion
   that being right might not matter much.

   We must protect digital intellectual property to foster innovation 

   Probably the least useful of the batch, but it shows how far a Microsoft
   mouthpiece will go to equate free software and piracy.  Handcuffing kids
   in the classroom is a great way to create respect for the system.

All I need now is a piece from Orrin Hatch (senator from Utah, after all)
on how SCO should prevail because those evil Linux hackers refuse to
incorporate the obligatory remote "halt and catch fire" functionality into
their kernel.


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