[linux-elitists] Telephone Lines to the Oversight Committee for the Microsoft Antitrust Settlement

Jay Sulzberger jays@panix.com
Thu Jun 19 09:45:02 PDT 2003

The Microsoft antitrust settlement is overseen by a committee of three people:

Franklin Fite
Harry J. Saal
Edward Stritter

Franklin Fite is a formal Microsoft employee, and officially, he is
Microsoft's committee member.  Harry J. Saal is the Department of Justice
and the settling states' member.  Edward Stritter is the third member.

The committee has offices at Microsoft headquarters in the state of
Washington.  All three members' names appear in the official Microsoft
directory of telephone numbers.

Monday 16 June 2003 I called the Microsoft HQ switchboard in order to
inform the committee that if Microsoft and its intermediary licensees do
not change their policy of refusing to honor the Refund Clause of the EULA,
legal action on several fronts would commence.  All phone lines to the
three committee members were down.

The switchboard number at Microsoft which I called is

425 882-8080

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and just now, at about noon New York City time,
Thursday 19 June 2003, I called the switchboard again in order to get
through to the committee.  On all four days the lines were down.

I just spoke with a Waggener Edstrom employee.  (I got put through to
Waggener Edstrom by telling the switchboard operator that I had had pieces
published in The Linux Journal.)  I asked the employee to get back to me by
5:00 pm Microsoft HQ time, Monday 23 June 2003, so we could discuss further
whether it were wholly of advantage to Microsoft to leave the phones out of


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